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Embracing the Law.

I stepped out my front door this fine evening expecting to breathe in the crisp cool air of this almost-December night. Instead, I heard screeching tires as the driver of a small hatchback skidded to a halt, bumping loudly into the massive truck with a tow hitch in front of him.

Interesting fact: we live on the corner of a four-way stop, directly across from the police station, and our stop signs are in fact the typical “bright red color” found on most stop signs. I am wondering if maybe that guy comes from a remote part of Canada where red octagons on poles mean “keep going.”

In any case, the guy rolled down his window and yelled a profanity at the driver in front of him. The truck driver was unphased, and in fact incredibly aware that he had in fact made a perfectly legal stop, so he naturally kept going. Not sure if that was what I would have done, but in any case, I commend him for proper stoppage time and prompt acceleration following his law-embracing act.

So… after the hatchback-driving guy from remote Canada unloaded the F-bomb, I kindly screamed at him, “ITS A STOP SIIIIIGGGGNN!” I didn’t even use profanity. Although to some extent I wish I had, because apparently it does help get the point across in most situations.

I patted myself on the back for helping the world, and went on my merry way.

This other time, I stared down a car at the very same location as it speedily approached my toddlers and I in the crosswalk. The driver was completely oblivious there was a stop sign in her presence. I am 100% positive she would have hit me (with her SUV), and I seriously was ready to let that happen to prove a point, but moved on account of my small humans whom I happen to love so much. I actually had to move to get out of the way of the car so it could roll to a pretend stop and continue right on through.

I think its time for a letter to the Editor. Or maybe Christmas lights around all our city’s stop signs.