I started a new job at the beginning of October, working for the school district as the Student Data & Assessment Coordinator. It’s one of those jobs in which most people in the education system would have no pleasure. In fact, they would probably go insane.

But there I am, every day, logging into all things software, sorting through system errors, sending emails, entering and analyzing data, and planning for state assessments… and I’m genuinely happy.

It feels funny, as I have left a solid group of people in the elementary school who love their careers working directly with students. Teachers and administrators who are designed and called to that atmosphere, and some who probably wonder why anyone would leave such an enriching environment.

For me, it goes back to my whole argument that we are all designed for different purposes. From our personalities to our passions, from our strengths to our weaknesses, we all have a purpose and we all fit into this beautiful puzzle somewhere. I still have the opportunity to serve staff members and students in our district, but in a different way; a way God designed me.

I find it funny that when I describe my job to others I keep saying “I’m home.”

Which is hilarious because my office happens to be in an old house behind the district office. And even funnier because Aaron and I lived there for about three months when we first got married. My office is my master bedroom. Let that sink in. No wait… don’t.

And that is also why I also keep saying, “It all comes full circle.”

Which also leads me to explain that I was denied the job at first, spent the next month questioning my existence, and then was offered the job right after my birthday. Need I say… *it all comes full circle*.

…AND when Aaron and I were in Vegas with our good friends in October, we walked into Mandalay Bay, and there was a DATA conference going on. And now I’m learning the software that conference was all about.


All that to say… I love my job.

3 thoughts on “data

  1. Ali & Ron says:

    Congratulations on your new job! We understand about “being home” with a job. And for you, how fun to be back one of the homes you have shared with Aaron. We continue to trust the Lord as we go through life. We felt we were called to the position at MCH and enjoyed our job for the most part and then there came a time that we were questioning and seeking the Lord where He wants us to be. The Lord closed and open some doors for us and we are seeing His hand in our lives more and more each day. Enjoy your new job, serving BSD staff and students, just in a different way. Blessings to you and your whole family.

  2. …And some of us have a way with words too!..Nice.😁

  3. Debra Anderson says:

    Kelly, I’m so happy for you. You have been gifted in many ways and you are
    capable of working in many fields. I love it that you know yourself and are moving in the direction of your primary motivational gift. It is a perk that you don’t have to compete with traffic. You are indeed home. Congratulations!

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