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I decided a while ago that I would personally practice the concept of the Sabbath. In the Bible, people would do almost nothing on the Sabbath. The whole community would spend time together, eat, and focus on the Lord. They’d even cook their meals the day before in order to not lift a finger when the day of rest came.

Living at this time in the world, and in our high-expectations society, I find this difficult. My body wants to rest, but my mind keeps running through the list of to-do’s and expectations I have acquired through this rushed lifestyle. We arrive home from church and my immediate instinct is to throw on my dust-covered work clothes and start digging in the garden, or to clean and wipe down every surface in the house. Never have I arrived home from church and thought, “Hey, I’m just going to sit and not even lift a finger today. In fact, our whole day of meals is already prepared!”

No, instead I leave all the things to be done on our one day of rest.

I know you’re with me in this. We have the tendency to never sit down, and even when we do sit down, we engage our brains in social media and television.

We got home today, and I decided that I’m going to start saying “yes” to the rest God calls us to on the one day every week in which we have no work or school obligations. I’m also going to unplug (until the evening, since I do work a full-time job outside the home and it may be wise to check email Sunday evening). For now, once this post is spell-checked, over-edited and published, I’m going offline for the day.

Maybe you can join me too. Put down your phones, your computers, and your to-do lists, and rest. I won’t judge you if you don’t, but I guarantee with a little consistency, it’ll become the best habit you’ve ever developed. 😉