On this beautiful sunny morning, I am enjoying pancakes, coffee, and rest. But as rest often does, I am now stirring with thoughts, ideas, concerns, inner deliberation, and unease. I have attempted for months to transfer all these words onto paper in any kind of organized manner, but nothing has come of it. This isn’t the face of writer’s block; rather it is the face of a mind too busy to function.

One driving thought that continues to surface is that of acceptance and welcome. Without going into much detail on the issue, I recently experienced a moment with someone who didn’t make me feel welcome. Oddly enough, I was the person who has been around for a while, and was attempting to reach out. This moment made me feel frustrated and rejected on a morning I was needing to feel accepted and nurtured.

I hope that, if nothing else, I can encourage you this morning to open your eyes to the people around you. Take a moment to notice peoples’ faces and body language, their interactions with others and the eye contact they make with people. You’ll notice joy, pain, sadness, excitement, loneliness, and more. And by making yourself aware, perhaps you will feel compelled to respond appropriately.

That said, I understand at times it is difficult to be someone who opens our eyes to others. We may be going through our own heartache or difficulties, and the last thing we want to do is focus on others. But the brilliant design here is when we open our eyes to others in the midst our own pain. Somehow we find even stronger bonds and greater stories.

It’s a fascinating social world, and if we don’t engage in it and view every interaction in God’s eyes when we are placed in the middle of it, we miss out on playing a role in this beautiful story.

3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Jessica Lang says:

    A beautiful sentiment! I was just telling my friend that I admired her ability to start conversations with strangers in checkout stands and the like. I am aware that she has a wonderful ability to make people feel seen. I am aware that I need to work on this. But at least I am nice when someone engages me, but I am more responsive than an initiator. But this is a goal of mine, thanks for reminding me to get to it 🙂

  2. Julie Hoice says:

    Sweet girl, thank you! You just put into glorious words this past week for us, reuiniting with old friends, broken but beautiful. Kelli, You have played a unique role in our familys life. One of welcome, healing and blessing. So thankful for your life intersecting with ours and the great love that shines through your musings! I praise God for His grace in placing you smack dab in the middle of our wacky world. Much love!

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