In Reality

This was a glorious snow day, for many reasons. Firstly, my kids had a day off, so they were joyful. Secondly, I work at the school, therefore I had a day off as well. More joy. Lastly, we had a beautiful layer of snow that continued into our day, and every time I looked outside I welled up with more joy. I LOVE snow!

But I must tell you, I barely went outside.

I watched from a screen as adorable kids and loving parents made snow forts and went sledding, showed off cute pictures of snowmen and backyards filled with kids and animals. And here I was, not even taking a single picture. Here I was, still in my yoga pants, drinking coffee most of the day, while my kids enjoyed this wonderful surprise of a snowstorm without me.

And I am okay with this.

You guys, I had the most pleasant day. I did dishes, sorted cabinets in the kitchen, cleaned the kids’ filthy bathroom, cleaned out our cat litter box, and locked my kids out of the house a few times so they would stop letting all the cold air in the house, for the love.

I sat on the couch and stared at the wall. I actually realized I was BORED at one point. I wish I could say it led to a lot of flowing creativity but in reality, it just led to sugar.

I am guessing there are others like me who participated in today’s snow day in an alternative way (we’re such rebels). I’m guessing you hid away in a similar fashion, hoping no one else would notice your lack of creative snow pictures online.

So basically, I just wanted to tell you nothing happened here today, and it was EPIC.

The End. For Now.

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