Monthly Archives: August 2015


Our family sat around the dinner table yesterday with candles lit, playing Settlers of Catan, and talking about silly things. Half-way through the game, our nine-year-old son Ian asked if the power was back on yet. At this point, most of the area had experienced 8+ hours without power due to a massive windstorm and multiple downed trees and lines.

In response to his question, I lowered my voice, placed my finger to my lips, and said “listen.”

We did. There was barely a noise to be heard.

“Ian, that silence is why I’m not stressed out right now.” I remarked, after a few lovely seconds of silence.

I realized in that very moment how gladly I would live without power. That gentle hum of machinery and engines that fills my ears and busies our lives.

Can I please move somewhere off the grid, away from machines and all the chaos of life? I know, easier said than done. You somehow need food and water, and some way to stay warm. All I’m saying is that I could handle it. 🙂

And that’s all I have to say about that.Summer Road Trip 14 484