My First Car.

I’m always amazed when music causes me to write. Here’s what I think happens: I hear a song, and it sounds like a part of my life soundtrack. I smell and see and taste memories I had completely forgotten about.

The other day I heard a song that pulled me right back to high school. Of course now I can’t remember which one, it was a boy band. (I know, surprising.) Probably Barenaked Ladies or Third Eye Blind.

In high school, I drove around a 1984 Grey Mazda 626. It was awesome. Because it took me places on my OWN. I remember the first time I took off with my brand new driver’s license to pick up a few groceries for dinner. I pulled open the sunroof, manually rolled down the windows, and blasted the best radio station ever… 107.7 THE END. It. was. awesome.

Why was that my favorite radio station? Because I thought it would attract the boys. Oh sixteen year old Kelly…

I also remember the first day I drove my car to school. I bought a brand new obnoxious bumper sticker that said, “Next time you think you’re perfect, try walking on water.” I was thankful later that my friend’s older brother Tommy told me people might be offended. (Amazing I still remember who told me that). I removed it and stuck a shiny Jesus fish to the trunk instead. 🙂

I remember dreamy summers on Whidbey Island, peeling down Wintergreen Drive at ridiculously high speeds with friends, late at night. With the sunroof down, and of course… yelling loudly.

I remember the late-night, New Years Eve drive with a car full of friends to the cove in Des Moines. One of my favorite memories with still some of my favorite people, although I never see them. Hanging out around the fire talking into the late hours of the night… then passing out on couches and the floor after consuming a good amount of licorice and pizza.

I remember the day my car breathed its last breath, driving a friend to Bible Camp one summer. It might have lasted longer if I had known it needed oil. Like, ever.

Its so interesting looking back and having dozens upon dozens of memories tied to a single car. And then the old car passes, and is replaced with a new one. And then a whole new decade of memories await. Its funny to apply such meaningful thoughts to a car, but its absolutely true.

I had even more amazing memories with my Ford Ranger (named Bob). It led me to my husband, who also had a Ford Ranger (but mine was better and prettier).

And now our minivan. To those of you who swear you’ll never own one, sorry but I know better. I was just like you once.

So, thank you Mazda 626. I will remember you… 😉

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