Rather than resolve to do, this year I resolve to be. In a nutshell, setting tangible goals has never worked for me. “Give Up Chocolate” and “Read More Books” are goals that simply slip away in the craziness of my Type B, left-handed, right-brained life.

But I know I can focus on the inward change, the lasting transformation. Not one that peters out after three months; more like one I can re-evaluate the next year, and assess how I’m doing on the grand scale. Then perhaps other tangible goals can follow. But not the chocolate. Take my life, but don’t take away my chocolate.

That said, here are my incredibly simple resolutions.

1. BE EFFICIENT. Use my time more wisely. This is likely to reduce time spent on screens, but I do have to have SOME rewards. 😉 This will probably include book-reading and prayer. And giving my time to something greater than myself.

2. BE KIND. Only express kindness. I was just discussing this with my brother yesterday. There’s absolutely NO REASON to ever speak negatively about anyone. Its a fault I bet no one wants to EVER admit to in a public arena… but here I am doing just that. Here’s the reality: we can always, ALWAYS find a way to be kind.

3. BE RAW. Let go of my need to be perfect. For who knows what reason, I’ve always felt the need to be perfect at stuff in order to share it with the world. Whether its my home, or my music, or simply me. Lately, its made me just want to hide away. In reality, those who truly love me will appreciate exactly who I am. (And I hope the rest of you believe that about yourselves as well).

Merry Christmas, and hello 2014. Good luck with your diet. Once that two weeks is over, come eat some chocolate with me.

One thought on “Resolutions.

  1. Kim Munoz says:

    Nicely written, brilliant one.
    Please add, “Be kind to me.”
    Never say anything to yourself inwardly that you wouldn’t say out loud to a dear friend.
    I love you sweet girl.

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