Creepy Convos with Kids

Hello and WELCOME to the creepiest conversation I’ve ever had with my daughter.

We ran upstairs to our landlord’s place earlier today to borrow a roll of TP since we had run out downstairs.

As I reached up to the shelf in their pantry where they keep the TP, Ana remarked, “That’s where they fell.”

“Huh, what was that?!” I replied.

“This is where one of the people up there fell.”

“What are you talking about? Where did you hear that?” I responded. As I looked up above where she was standing, in the corner of the pantry, there was a long tunnel-like hole above her that led to the third floor of the house. “Seriously, what are you talking about?”

She smirked, shrugged her shoulders, then giggled. “I don’t know!”

And that’s how our conversation ended. Creepy old houses. Ugh.


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