Sugar Fast: Day One


DID: squeezed juice from half a grapefruit into a martini glass, then added a few ice cubes and pretended it was a martini.

LEARNED: most alcohols do, in fact, have sugar in them, as part of the fermenting process. Thanks to my brewing-educated husband.

REFUSED: to give up Dave’s Killer Bread. It has organic cane sugar in it. But it is the one thing I eat for breakfast when leftover pizza isn’t available.

LIKE HANNIBAL LECTER: I sniffed at the large bowl of ice cream covered in peanut butter and chocolate, which my husband then gobbled up with the excuse that he “needed to rid the house of all temptations.”

THEN I: grabbed a spoon and the peanutbutter jar. I don’t really know what happened next.


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