The High Mountains

Just a quick blurb. Our wedding guest book was actually an Ansel Adams photography book titled “Yosemite and the High Sierra.” Its a place I still have never been, but it was my Uncle’s favorite place, and the location my brother and his wife shared some fond memories when they were still just friends.

I have a hard time looking through this book because as beautiful as the photos are, and as wonderful as the notes from all our loved ones are, I end up on this page and start crying.


My Uncle Bill made it to our wedding, weak and wheelchair-bound, but smiling. Within a year he passed away from cancer after many years of battling it. My Aunt Janet wrote this sweet message right next to this beautiful line from Ansel Adams– a line that prompted a song I wrote for Bill and sang at his memorial (although not successfully, as I broke down halfway through.

The song: “Paradise”

Tomorrow you’ll be here, and I will go before you

Off to a place you don’t know

Waiting for our days, wandering in hours

Searching for light so we can go

To the high mountain

Back to my paradise

To the high mountain

My soul can rest

This journey ahead of me seems bright

I travel to a paradise tonight

It’ll never stop hitting me, every time I open this book. We’ll see how I do when I make it to Yosemite someday. : )


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