Reading and Comfort. And Sugar. Titles are Lame.

I am currently reading three books. One about acting on the compelling love of Christ (“Love Does” by Bob Goff), one about simplifying life so we can love and reach others (“7” by Jen Hatmaker), and one about rethinking heaven, the resurrection, and our purpose on earth (“Surprised by Hope” by N.T. Wright).

But first to clarify, I am not a reader. At least, not the kind you’d expect. I’m not that lady with bookshelves and tablets filled with popular fiction novels and award-winners. Instead, I’m the one who learned to read at a VERY early age, then skimmed by in school by speed-reading (a.k.a. “skimming”) books all the way through college (just kidding, Mom and Dad). THEN, I took a book sabbatical for like, five years. Not intentionally, but just because I was tired of reading.

I happen to be a decent reader. I also happen to have a REALLY SHORT attention span. This combination leaves me capable, but unmotivated.

This is why I’ve decided, for the sake of the future of my deteriorating brain, I must participate in book clubs the rest of my life. At least, until my lazy eye fails. At which point I’ll have to start a one-eyed book club and invent left-sided braille books for right-eyed people. Of course it makes sense; don’t question me.

So, back to the books currently at hand.

There is a general theme circulating around my community (and perhaps the rest of yours as well?) in regard to reaching out and loving others. It sounds like such a simple concept, but for people seeking to redefine our existence as human beings and followers of Jesus, it is actually a concept that extends to our very core.

I have always had a deep conviction to help others. But I admit, out of issues with self-consciousness and pride as a teenager, I never did much with those feelings. From giving quarters to kids in Tijuana, to serving at a homeless shelter for one of my birthdays, I’ve had many moments of WANTING to sacrifice and give, but not knowing how to really do so.

So far, here’s the conclusion I’ve reached: because I am loved by Christ, and because I follow Him, I have two choices: I can either hold on to my selfishness and maintain a comfortable, ignorant existence, or I can deny my comfort, serve others, and fulfill my purpose as a follower of Christ.

Hmm. What shall I do.

I’m looking forward to pursuing this concept more with both book clubs, but at the same time I’m a bit skeptical. I have seen too many moments of inspiration and passion occur, only to fade as real life washes it all away. Spiritual highs and honeymoon phases are FLEETING. Its the steadiness, the constant plugging away that continues.

Here’s my goal: to approach it with a rational, prayerful heart, and let the inspiration come from the right source. 🙂


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