Growing Garlic Gloriously.

I recently got some advice on how to grow garlic, but I think I missed a step. I wasn’t supposed to peel it… right? Look what happened.funnygarlic

Ok but seriously, Was I or wasn’t I supposed to peel it? Here’s a shot of the garlic again. IMAG0457

Looks like the happy garlic sprouted (all the “hair” was at the bottom, and that pretty green scape was starting to show above the soil). Seems fine that I peeled it, but is there a reason you don’t peel garlic when you plant it? Any wisdom from you successful garlic growers out there?


4 thoughts on “Growing Garlic Gloriously.

  1. Ali & Ron says:

    Looks good to me. I will post on my page and ask my gardening friends what they think. Is it easy to grow and could I do it in a pot since we don’t have a yard?

    • kelirium says:

      YES! You can do pretty much anything in a pot! Just choose one big and deep enough to allow the garlic bulb to grow, and with a wide enough opening that you can pull it out when its full-grown. I had considered a mason jar until I realized I’d have to break it to harvest it. 😉

      • Ali & Ron says:

        Well do I just put a clove or piece of garlic in the dirt, water and wait? Does it need lots of sun or hardly any or in between? 🙂

  2. kelirium says:

    if you google it, there are plenty of step-by-step insructions. You plant individual cloves with the pointy part up. Each clove produces 10-20 new cloves. But it does take a while… I forget how long. Maybe 6 months? Totally worth the wait though, considering you never have to buy garlic ever again. 🙂

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