I need to learn how to rap. Like, out loud.

Do you ever wonder what they think

they who bore you

nursed you, fed you

clothed and kissed you

they who sang and danced with you

they who cried and laughed with you

Do you wonder what they think

when we curse and scream

when we impatiently dream

when we fight over trivial schemes

I wonder what they’d say

to our social activism and riots

our naturo- vege- pleasure-free diets

to our sold-out, black and white,

radical need to fight

for everything we read

let alone tweeting and posting,

pinning and boasting

as screen zombies and their children

“talk” to their “friends”

Yes we are

an educated, brilliant generation

hopes and motives fuel our fascination

we ache and work for perfection

run in every direction

Yes we are

a connected, inventive breed

the offspring of the very seed

that fought for human cause and right,

religious freedom, nature’s plight

We are

the daughters, sons, and heirs

the path we walk was also theirs,

and they deserve much more

so much more

than to be disregarded,

What would they say

about the patience

we discarded

Do you wonder what they think?


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