To Friend or Not to Friend.

Yesterday, after multiple years of using Facebook, I happened to discover I had 773 Facebook friends. This was shocking to me. Not because I don’t think I deserve that many people wanting to “friend” me though… it was more like “I know 773 people?!”

I decided I’d scroll to the very bottom of my friend list, and start deleting.

Not so easy.

As I scrolled through them, fond memories of my life began playing out. One girl was in my cabin the first year I counseled at Lakeside Bible camp. Another was an elementary classmate of mine. I spent a little time playing fiddle for a Canadian country music artist, and then there’s all my teammates from years past, and coaches, former teachers… the list goes on.

If its a testament to how much I care for people, I couldn’t delete a single person off my list. I don’t necessarily equate “unfriending” with “omitting from my life entirely”, however the thought of removing anyone from my friend list just sounded absurd. I deleted ONE, simply because it was a double entry.

I guess part of this post is to say, to some of you in my life who never hear from me… that you matter. A LOT. I am terrible at keeping in touch, even with some of my dearest friends and family. And you know perfectly well who you are!

I guess I feel that even holding on to the most distant friend, teammate, classmate, etc… is a little way to hold on to someone who is a part of my own life story. I love looking back on every twist and turn, every success and failure, every victory and every heartbreak, because each person who was part of that, helped me become who I am today.

… which isn’t perfect, but its me. So thank you to my 772 Facebook friends. Facebook really is the silliest thing; a world we seem to live in despite the actual oxygen and living organisms surrounding us. But it also connects us–and KEEPS us connected–to the people who play a part in our own life story.


One thought on “To Friend or Not to Friend.

  1. What a great post Kelly! I know what you mean about going through my friends list on Facebook. So hard to delete so I usually don’t 🙂

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