God’s goodness has been on my mind recently. Events in my life, as well as in the lives of others around me, as brought about an awareness of His divine presence in every minute we exist here on this earth.

Yet, despite His omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent nature surrounding us, we still live imperfect lives. Sometimes, this is our own doing; our disobedience. Sometimes, we experience pain inflicted by others. And sometimes, we experience pain and suffering for no other reason than the mere fact we are human.

I was driving our van through our town a few days ago with my six-year-old son Ian, and four-year-old daughter Ana. I always have the radio on. We play a wide variety of music in our household and car, but on this day I turned to Praise 106.5, our local Christian radio station. My kids love music, but I’m the only one who tends to sing along most of the time.

From the backseat, from the sweet, angelic voice of my daughter, I heard the words, “You make everything glorious, You make everything glorious, You make everything glorious…” My daughter never sings along to the radio. Sometimes she’ll make up songs, about trees and alpacas, but this was the first time I had heard her join in song with the radio.

Instantly, I felt like God was speaking through my daughter. She didn’t know what she was singing, but it took her voice for me to fully realize what was being sung on the radio.

To be honest here… we are not glorious. We are not righteous. We are depraved, fallen, suffering, bitter, poor, helpless… weak. Those who turn to Christ are willing to accept this truth about ourselves, and turn to the One who can lift us out of this mess.

When we turn to Jesus, the One whose glory and beauty shines in the darkness, we become glorious because He shines on us. When we suffer and choose to turn to Christ, His radiant light burns from within us. When we acknowledge our downfalls and mistakes, and turn our faces to God, He illuminates the dark void that once existed around us. And you know, even when we’re feeling on top of the world and everything’s going our way, He STILL shines brighter.

Christ makes everything glorious, because nothing can truly be dark when He is part of our lives. Sure, things will be hard. But I say again, NOTHING can truly be dark when the Light of the world is present.

I’ve attached the link to the video on Worship Together Now. I’m not one for cheesy radio recordings, so I’m a big fan of this raw cut from an interview with David Crowder. Be sure to watch the actual video and listen.


One thought on “Glorious.

  1. Julie Hoice says:

    Beautiful, thank you! He is GLORIOUS.

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