The Tides.

I recently posted this thought to Facebook: “The ebb and flow of life, people, and life situations are so interesting to me.” I wanted to expand on this thought, as it really was at the surface of a whole deeper issue I constantly seek to understand (while I never fully will).

I am one of those people who really prefers to go against the flow. I prefer to wear clothes I feel comfortable in, rather than try to stick with high fashion. I listen to whatever music I enjoy, rather than listen to what other people think is a “hit”. I prefer to think outside the box when everyone else is staying inside it. I love running up downward moving escalators.

This happens socially as well. As people and communities shift and change around me, I find I used to work so hard to keep things constant. I grabbed hold of things I felt should stay put, and I strained and gritted my teeth over the ebb and flow of people and relationships. I constantly thought to myself, “Can anything remain constant?” when everything was flowing back and forth around me.

I think I am learning that in the case of social dynamics, joining the ebb and flow of the tides is so much more healthy. Instead of grabbing hold of things and trying to keep things the same, I have learned to let go and release control. I am actually very thankful for people in my life who have been honest with me about how strongly I grab onto things, people who have helped me loosen up a bit and take things as they come.

It’s a very awkward feeling to share thoughts like this, as naturally I wonder what people think of me when I wear my heart on my sleeve. But I have never hesitated to let people know who I am, and where my heart is, because I think it helps all of us understand we are not alone in our problems, even when we don’t have the same problems. So often, I see people act as if there is nothing wrong, and even act as if there’s nothing to correct.

We all have our battles, flaws, and challenges… and I believe true authenticity comes through embracing them and walking through them together, and proceeding with the flowing change that comes from our life experiences.

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