Dressing for Success

My husband and I were discussing the concept of “dressing for success” the other day. We recently sold our cafe of 6.5 years, and he is now working a steady job at a local food warehouse where upward progress is a possibility. He decided he would start looking as presentable as he could for work (keep a clean shave and haircut, dress well on his way to work despite it being a night shift AND having a uniform, etc). This will hopefully assist in the progress he makes, although his work ethic and understanding of the company will be the primary reason he moves up.

This lit a new idea in my mind I couldn’t resist writing down…. People dress for success in a physical way, but God wants us to dress for success in a Spiritual way.

What this does NOT mean:

– Following religious traditions (even going to church every Sunday)

– Wearing pretty clothes to church

– Always doing and saying the right thing

– Maintaining a rigid prayer and Bible schedule

What this DOES mean:

– Seeking Christ with every breath (resulting in kindness, goodness, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, self-control, faithfulness…)

– Developing a serving heart that HURTS for the broken, discouraged, and poor people around us. We are ALL more capable than we think.

– Seeing ourselves as imperfect. God uses humble, broken people for the best of things.

– Admitting our fallibility

– Seeking HIS will, and not our own.

You see, God doesn’t see us as successful if we are successful in the ways of this world. And even if you strip away our rituals and traditions, He looks at our heart, and how we use His name.

He wants us to dress our hearts to be successful in His way. To love unconditionally. To serve wholeheartedly. To give without hesitation. To hear His voice and follow. To continue when we are discouraged and broken. To see God’s goodness and light when everything in life feels SO DARK.

I guess you can take that as a challenge. 😉


One thought on “Dressing for Success

  1. Kelly, thank you for this post. Your thoughts are the third time today that God has prompted me on the same topic that I have been struggling with from three different perspectives.

    I have been struggling with being intentional, authentic and deliberate in the things I do and say. Blessings friend for sharing from your heart and ministering to me.

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