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Reflections on a Sermon

Hey Everyone, this is one of those Bible-driven, inspired blog posts that half of you would prefer to skip over and wait till I say the next funny thing. I want to encourage you to read on, because even if you don’t particularly agree with my Spiritual viewpoint, you’ll still get something out of it.

This weekend our pastor covered a passage out of the Bible from 1 Peter 4. Key idea: suffering.

I have self-diagnosed Adult ADD, in addition to completely awful selective hearing. This makes listening to sermons (or anyone, for that matter… just ask my husband) daunting, to say the least. Its why I like to write, and why I like others to respond to me via writing… it all gets expressed. It all gets recorded, perfected, dwelt upon, refined, until the writer hits send and the message is relayed in its full glory.

In the midst of my daydreaming and complete lack of focus, I did manage to get a lot out of this sermon. Specifically 1 Peter 4:12, “Dear friends, don’t be surprised at the fiery trials you are going through, as if something strange were happening to you.”

Here’s the conversation between us and God that popped into my head at that very moment,

Me: “Hey God?” 

God: “Yeah.”

Me: “Uh, well, I have this problem.”

God: “What?!!!! Wait, you have PROBLEMS?!”

Me: “Thanks for the sarcasm.”

What I’ve come to realize, even before this sermon on suffering, was that suffering IS LIFE. No, not every minute is agonizing and defeating; but honestly, its just what we do. Since the first moment of sin, suffering became a part of our existence. 

Our suffering doesn’t surprise God. He knows us inside and out, and He knows how much we can handle. While at times it feels like our heart is getting physically ripped out of our bodies (or maybe it’s just getting a valve repair and your organs are sitting out on the operating table), God knows exactly what He’s doing, and how to piece this life thing all back together.

Aaron and I have some key decisions to make in the very near future. All positive, but the stress of it all has made us agitated, fatigued, and frustrated, on top of the sudden onset of allergy season. It would be easy to become self-consumed in a situation like ours, where our future is completely up in the air (along with all the pollen). In fact, I feel completely out of control. 

After reflecting on this sermon today, I realized I am putting this issue on a pedestal, and letting it tear me apart. God’s not surprised this is frustrating, and He knows exactly what’s going to happen. Our prayers aren’t always going to be answered the way we expect. The outcome is most likely always going to be different than we picture it. However, how we choose to react to these circumstances is most definitely something we CAN control.

There are three simple things I plan to do about this:

1. Pray

2. Listen

3. Wait

Beyond that, I’m not sure there’s much else TO do. 🙂