I believe.

This isn’t about what you’d think. This is actually just a sequel to an entry I posted a long, long time ago on a blog far away, also dubbed “I believe.” I believe strongly, love deeply, and think often (and often way too much). Here are some things I believe:

– I believe I will always feel I am meant to do more. This may sometimes feel like regret, because in so many ways I wish I could follow through with everything I’ve excelled at in the past.

– I believe I should never feel satisfied or comfortable with the way things are. 

– I believe God has impeccable timing. 

– I love the word “impeccable.”

– I believe french fries need to be extra salty when dipped in ice cream to create maximum flavor enjoyment.

– I believe my kids have built-in mommy relaxation sensors. There is too much correlation between my energy level and theirs. The lack of one feeds the other.

– I believe people who submit songs to enter a contest on the radio to win studio recording time shouldn’t already sound like they recorded in a studio.

– I believe positive connections with people never fade. But… I also believe negative connections never fade unless you work at it.

– I love to say I love coffee, but in reality, I like sugar in coffee. And I like the effects of coffee.

– Thursday is the best day of the week. This is just a fact.

– I love a challenge. I DON’T love them all at once.

– When I state my perspective on how society operates, people call me a commmunist. Its a GOOD THING I don’t live in the sixties.

– I wish I lived in the sixties, because I really love “their” music. 

– I believe fresh starts can result from something as simple as rearranging furniture, or a haircut.

– I believe conclusions are way overrated.


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