Forks Over Knives

There are controversies in every direction over how and what we should eat, how much we should consume, what research has been done, how that research was done, and how qualified the researchers are. So with this reflection on the documentary “Forks Over Knives,” I’m not trying to sway anyone, tell you your lifestyle is wrong or right, and I am absolutely not telling you that I am 100% buying into this without further research and digging.

Forks Over Knives is simply based on the premise that a plant-based protein diet (vs. a meat-based protein diet) prevents (and in fact has been known to reverse) diseases and disorders a large percentage of our population faces. Obesity, Diabetes, Cancer, and Heart Disease were the main focus in the research they showed. From the reversal of heart disease, to curing breast cancer, they showed a whole lot of proof that a plant-based protein diet is the solution for our nation’s health problems. In other words, cut the animal produced products out of your diet (animal milk, meat, eggs, cheese) and you will avoid a majority of the health problems our current generation faces.

My short and simple reaction: “sounds logical to me.” I think my initial dilemma here is that any documentary–no matter the issue–sets out to prove a point, and selects exactly the right data and research they need to sway the viewers beliefs or understanding in a specific direction. Believe me I know… I wrote a college thesis. πŸ™‚ So I can’t always accept a documentary without a certain amount of skepticism.

However, the part that stuck out to me and convicted me the most was a study they showed on the country of Norway during the Nazi Regime. In 1939 the Nazis inhabited Norway, and confiscated all their livestock for their own use, forcing the native people to eat a strictly plant-based diet based on what was left for consumption. After the Nazis skedaddled, the native people reacquired all their livestock. Research was done on the Cardiovascular deaths over the span of the 1900s and the trends over an entire century were fascinating. From 1900-1939, Cardiovascular-related deaths steadily rose to a ridiculously high number. When the Nazis took their livestock in 1939, the trend dropped immediately to practically nothing in comparison. After the Norwegians regained their livestock, numbers of Cardiovascular deaths steadily increased yet again.

What strikes me in this research on Norway in WWII is that these are ACCIDENTAL STATISTICS. No one rigged them, or set them up with a fixed variable. I DO want to look into this study more. However, the fact that this happened without anyone setting it up, and that there was a direct relation to the removal and reintroduction of livestock in the population to Cardiovascular deaths, is definitely something to take seriously.

Oh, that and the lady in the movie who was able to make her breast cancer go into spontaneous remission, simply by cutting animal-based proteins out of her diet…

I don’t really want to go into what this means for my family and our diet. I think its up to each of us to research and explore what is good for our bodies, and what improves our lifestyle.

However, I’m already off cow’s milk due to a lactose sensitivity. I might as well try a few more diet alterations. πŸ™‚

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