And I said hey….

I was going to title this post “What’s Going on” but then that one Four None Blondes song popped into my head and my post found its true title. I think its important to share the rest of the iceberg with you. Although, I don’t know why people talk about that. Iceberg lettuce has no flavor, no nutritional value, and its cheap. Three things I’m not. Eh, I’ll just go with it. I have a hard time exposing myself (in writing) like this, not knowing who reads this. But I wouldn’t have this blog if I didn’t want to share.

*Thankfulness overflows in my heart. Things like my Mom delivering a sandwich to me during play practice, having friends who are fine letting me be who I am in my entirety without judgment or harsh criticism, having a husband who is wise beyond belief and knows exactly what to say and MEANS it. I am thankful for the ability to express myself in music, writing, and laughter. Thankful for friends who pay for lunch unexpectedly, for unexpected compliments, for Undeserved Gifts.

*Joy under stress. My husband prayed for me last night after an incredibly rough day of emotions and battles.  He prayed that I would remember to find joy in the middle of my trials, and that I would be able to be at peace knowing I am doing God’s work, regardless of how hard I am being hit in life.

*I am self-centered. While my brain tries to internalize everything and make the whole world revolve around me, I work REALLY hard to push my attention outward. You have no idea how hard I work to extinguish my selfish, egocentric nature. My heart constantly wants to turn everything into an issue about me, which makes my brain work double time trying to logically prove to my heart that “its not about me.”

*People refer often to how they “date themselves.” I know what this REALLY means, but I don’t care. If I was dating myself I’d totally buy me a massage and have a nice night in with a romantic comedy, a Mimosa, and abundance of Thai food.

*I’m thinking of buying furry cat suits for my kids so they have an excuse to misbehave in public and still be socially accepted. The thought really did cross my mind for a second, so I looked it up. How could anyone resist my kids’ cuteness in one of these: …even if they are knocking over entire palettes of Mayonnaise and attempting to reposition the containers (with no success).

One thought on “And I said hey….

  1. Great blog post Kelly!!! And I really enjoy reading what you write..

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