Because, why wouldn’t I?

Sometimes when I talk, I have to start over. My husband Aaron often stops me mid-sentence, requesting I “try again.” To which I reply “mnaaaah.” Then I often forget what I initially set out to verbally express.

I think this is why I like to post on Facebook, write blogs, and write songs. My brain can stop, pause, and rewind. (To those of you reading who have no idea what I’m referencing, its a machine called a “VCR” and I have a pretty awesome one in my minivan.) Ultimately, what results is an apparently well-thought out, sometimes clever and articulate message. Quite the opposite to the stammering mess I become when you ask me an important question in front of people. But I’ll sing and dance for you without hesitation.

So, not really sure what got me here. Which is probably why I named this blog “kelirium,” an offshoot of delirium specifically designed for me. Anything you read on my blog is most likely written between 9pm and 3am, and I would prefer that it stay this way.


One thought on “Because, why wouldn’t I?

  1. Love your writing! Are you going to keep up the other blog too?

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